Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How do you do it?

"How do you do it?", that is the question I get everytime someone hears about one of my grocery shopping triumphs. I have been told many times by many people that I should start a blog, so here it goes! I would like to tell you that I figured all of this out on my own but the truth is there is NO way I could have figured all of this out by myself. So, I am going to do my darndest to try and teach you the tricks of my trade.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is get some coupons. That is another question I get all of the time, "where do you find all of your coupons?" The best place to start is your local Sunday paper. I personally get a copy of the Dallas paper and a copy of the Tyler paper. This is a wonderful start to your coupon collection. Another great source for your money saving slips is online. The web is full of wonderful, free, printables. Whatever you do, don't sign up for coupons. There are plenty of sources to get coupons without signing up or paying. In the end, these sights lead you right back to the free sources anyways. Some of my favorites are:

These are great places to start. Now, don't go all coupon printing crazy you'll just waste paper and ink. You are going to have plenty of opportunities to gather great saving coupons.

Next, take a look at the local sale ad from your favorite grocery spot. Now, I know that down here in the sticks we don't have a whole lot of options, and that can present a few obstacles; but there are still many savings to be had.  We've all seen those times when the grocery store people seem to be mocking us with ridiculous sales that aren't worth the paper they are printed on, but sometimes a deal is so good that you want to rush right down there and take advantage before they realize their mistake.

  • What you want to do is scan the sale ads, usually you know if its a good deal or not, and then check out your coupons. 
  • Match up the best coupon you have for a product with the sale in the ad. Sometimes you can save a bundle, even get things free. 
If you happen to be blessed enough to live close to one of those wonderful stores that doubles and/or triples coupons, you will save even more.

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