Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday - Bath & Body Works Bananza!

Well, we started the morning out at 1:30am...didn't even realize there was a 1:30 in the morning!!!

Black Friday2.jpg

By 8:30am we had finished at Wal-Mart, Academy, and we were working on the mall. After finishing up at Sears we headed on to JC Penny. Sarah & I each had a coupon for Bath & Body Works for a free item up to $13 with a $10 purchase (never leave home without your coupons, you never know what kind of deal you will come across). So, on our way to JC Penny we stopped in at Bath & Body Works. Planning to just quickly grab our $10 item and our free item and get on with our day.

We soon realized we were not leaving with 2 items each and moving on, we found a DEAL!!!

The Deal:

Spend $40 and get a goodie bag full of product ($115 worth to be exact) for only $20. So, we decided if we each spent $30 then we could come home with a great bargain. To make the deal even better they had a sale going on, purchase any 3 items get 3 items free. Some of our favorites were also on sale for 3 for $10.

Here's what we did:

we each bought 12 of the 3 for $10 items (paying $20 for 6 of the items and getting the other 6 for free)

we got a bottle of body spray (free item with the original coupon we came in with)

we through in some 5 for $5 items we really liked

We came home with:

24 lotions,  body sprays, shower gels

5 hand sanitizers with cute little holders

1 large bottle of body spray

1 goodie bag filled with $115 worth of products

Product Total: $261

Total Cost after discounts and coupons: $72.45

Total spent each: $36.22

When we finally got home around 10:30 that night, we could hardly fit in the SUV with the loot from the day. All in all it was a fun filled day with LOTS of deals.

What kind of deals did you find?

Black Friday Shopping.jpg

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