Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awesome Photo Opportunities!!!

Got pictures you've been putting off having printed? Now is the time to do it. Go to Snapfish to get your 50 FREE prints with get this, FREE SHIPPING too!!! This is a GREAT deal!! If you are new to Snapfish then you'll get a whopping 100 free prints!! (You will have to pay for shipping on 50 of those prints though but its less than $4.00 - not bad for 100 of your favorite photos)

  • Go over there and login or register.
  • Upload your photos
  • Order 50 (or 100 if your a newbie)
  • Enter Code HPINK50
  • Voila you are done!!!

Another great deal is at Seehere! 60 Photo Cards for $4.80. That also has FREE Shipping!!! This is truly an amazing deal! You won't find a better deal on photo cards this season. I have heard (haven't tried it yet) that you can even choose overnight shipping for FREE as well. So, if you haven't gotten those Christmas Cards printed now is the time to do it.

HURRY!!! You are running out of time!!! Only 16 days until Christmas!! 

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